The hushed hierarchy of modern Muslimahs:

Written by Naadira Chhipa
The elegant Elite:
These are the untouchables of society. You will find them attending a fancy themed high tea to support a good course yet wearing a designer abayaa that costs more than two month's supply of groceries. These ladies have a unique clique that support and compliment each others lavish lifestyle from sipping mocktails on a beach in the Maldives to planning a shopping trip in Dubai it's all just in days work for them.

The mass middle-class:
These ladies are the majority yet always underestimate their power in society. You will find them at the mall contemplating on a new pair of shoes as she knows it's almost time to do the kids back to school shopping. You will find her sacrificing her career to be a homemaker or juggling a career yet feeling guilty for leaving her kids at day care. She rarely has time for herself.

The humble lower-class:
These ladies are the most humble ladies of society. You will find them walking their kids to school or trying to save every cent just to buy a loaf of bread. Athough these ladies do not have much they have a grateful heart and a warm smile to share.

The ostracized reverts:
These ladies nervously enter 'our' ladies programs and taleem groups with an insatiable thirst for Islamic knowledge. They absorb the teachings of Islam like a sponge and will try their level best to befriend you in hope of gaining more Islamic insight yet are often met with a cold response as they are seen as ' not from amongst us'.

The Isolated Invisibles:
These ladies are the invisibles of society. They are the divorcees, the single mums, the widows,the single sister who lost hope in finding her soulmate, the elderly and their caregivers and the list could go on. They do not attend many family functions and rarely get out of the house much as they prefer the secure sanctuary of their far from the hurtful questions and comments of society.

The evil whispers of shaytaan have enclosed our hearts with shackles made up of materialism, greed, jealousy, vanity, self pity, pride, discrimination and hate. We have the weapons of kindness, peace, generosity, strenght and love to break free from these shackles and reach our sisters even if all we can do is just share a hug or smile or just raise your hands and make dua let us do it for the Love and pleasure of Allah.

We may be placed in different categories in this world but when we die its all the same, white kafan… six feet underground.- Naadira Chhipa


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