Is the Decorex worth attending this year?

Every year hubby and I plan the day out and visit the Decorex. We go for inspiration most of all; reality of having a home.

The last few years I was extremely disappointed at the lack of creativity that was shown by exhibitors. Reluctantly I decided to attend half heatedly I dragged myself this year again; last few years I hated the show purely because the same boring things were showcased. For two years the same companies had the same stands, so it was like Déjà vu.

So is it worth going this year?
This year I found that all the exhibitors showed real talent; i have gotten so much inspiration. Usually decorex focuses on newly built homes, this year there was room for those simply wanting inspiration for renovations. Creativity was the focal point of this years show; stepping away from the boring old and into the would that work in my home concept.

7000 steps later. Carmel nuts and freshly pressed juice was our savior. So this year is definitely worth going to the Decorex.
So if you looking for inspiration this is your place to be. ( most of all you can get your daily step goal completed .)

(In terms of halaal food there is not much, so go before or after lunch. There is snacks to enjoy as you walk.)

9 (Wednesday) – 13 (Sunday)
Gallagher Convention Centre
Midrand, Johannesburg

Ticket prices: R110 for adults.
Pensioners R90
Kids under 12: R20


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