Halaal dining in Killarney.

While many of us in Johannesburg are really spoiled for choice when it comes to dining out I usually don't try out every place I am invited to, due to the fact that I am busy as well.

Pizza Del Forno invited me to come and give them a try and experience the first halal store of its franchise, even thou it is a stone throw away from my house I have never eaten there before for some odd reason.

I got dressed up and decided to go in very hungry with an attitude to test their customer service.

I got there and I was promptly greeted by a staff member, being a week day lunchtime they were busy. I was seated and immediately given a menu and told the daily special. Keep in mind they had no idea who I was nor did they know which day I would show up.

I decided to be adventurous and order a burger and fries. While my friend ordered a pizza. The service was quick and efficient perfect for a busy week day lunch.

The burger came it looked and smelt amazing. The fries were presented in a neat manner and not just tossed on the side. What I liked the most was the cheese in the burger, I get so tired of restaurants using over processed cheap cheese. Here it was the perfect amount of delectable Gouda cheese grated on the top of the burger.
The bun was soft and perfect for the cheat day I had planned. For the price I was glad to see the burger portion was filling enough for one Person unlike their competitors.

The pizza is real old school and made with love, I promise you they are famous for their pizza for a reason. It's full on flavor and the spices compliment each other the way a good pizza should. Also I have to suggest the imported ice tea. It beats the local brands on taste and sugar content as well.

The elegance of the restaurant stands out, the attention to detail is evident in the decor as well as customer service. Kid friendly is the big plus for me. I definitely would recommend dining at Pizza Del Forno for a night or day out.

Follow them on Instagram for weekly specials.


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