Have kids they said, it will be fun they said. 

mumtaz moosa saley.

So when you get married, I swear even before the first night, you are asked so when the kids are coming. Yes, aunties scare me! Like, do they know babies are not downloadable yet?! 

So once you brace this, a few weeks in you are told " don't wait too long, you know kids make a marriage…" LITERALLY 21 working days later you are told this just incase you and your husband are bored with each other. If you are like me you bite your tongue, smile and  nod. 

So any way, you decide to start a family and with this you are told your life now has purpose. 

Let me tell you, from day one, your day will be spent complaining to other parents how exhausted you are. Even if your kids are 13, you will still have that complaint. 

From day one you will never, I repeat never, be able to sit on the toilet without the word 'mummy' coming up the moment your bum touches the seat. Almost like it's an automatic detection. 

No one will tell you this; sitting in the car eating a chocolate will feel like the biggest sin you have committed and it will feel good. Purely because no one wants anything until mummy opens something to eat. Even if it's a plain pro-vita you will be asked for a bite. 

My absolute favorite is waking up rudely to a baby siting on your head while dancing and singing. And every parent knows the Daddy Finger song, as if our patriotic allegiance depends on that specific  nursery rhyme on a Sunday morning. 

I swear people don't like to see each other happy anymore; the moment a baby cries,  some bright spark will ask the mother why her two day old baby is crying, as if she graduated from pregnant to speaking baby in a day. 
"Have kids" they said "it will be fun". I presume all lies start this way, just to make us count down the days to when we can shower with out some one needing something .

Yes kids are a gift, and I am an imperfect mama. So I will tell you this, have kids because at night when they fall asleep, that is when you look at them and realize what a miracle they are. 


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