My personal review on Rayray wallets.

Not all the items I get makes it to my blog unless I find that it worthy of being posted. With this said Rayray wallets had sent me a personalized wallet. When they had contacted me I had voiced my opinion that I would like something that is slim, practical and that could fit into my jeans pocket.

My issues stems where I have a toddler, so I don't always carry a handbag, reality is I can't carry a hand bag and a toddler in my arms. I needed something to fit in my pocket. Shopping around I couldn't find a wallet that could fit my jeans pocket, for some odd reason jeans pockets seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

1. The gift they have sent me is small, yet stylish.
2. Practical as it holds cards and cash without falling out.
3. I love having a personalized item on me, let's face it we all want that slight elegance touch to what we use daily.
4. Value for money with affordable options to suit your budget, makes it perfect. Prices do start from R50.

I would certainly recommend them as their client care is outstanding. I gave them a bit of a challenge with my demands and they ensured it is all met.

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