Mariam and her weekly issues.

Mariam sat in her kitchen looking for a hobby, she had jotted down some ideas. She looked around the house and huffed at the sight of clutter as she was not impressed at Golaam bhai's need to keep everything for one day story. How was she going to find her own hobby when Golaam has filled the house with things he might use one day.

Furious at the fact that he worked all day, and she was stuck at home she needed the escape, she needed something to fill her time with, the clutter filled the rooms that once were occupied by her children. Mariam sipped her coffee and thought about what she was going to do.

Just then an epiphany had stuck and she downloaded an app called Crazy Deals, she uploaded just one item, reluctant that the idea would work she was now hooked.

She went on to sell that useless treadmill Golaam had bought to her back into shape a year ago, it was never used and no one would miss it. Her advert went viral instantly and with in a week she had sold it. Golaam would never ever notice it was gone, but that was not all the app has weekly specials for different franchises so she decided to treat Golaam to some prawns she had found via the app that had given her a good deal.

Seated at Jimmys Golaam was hungry, thank goodness for the deal she had just found from the Crazy deal app.
That night as they got home, Golaam spoke about this new app he had found that allowed him to buy a vape. Mariam has no idea what a vape was and Golaam went on on detail about the new invention he just had to have.

Mariam smiled at him with love and affection and promised she would buy him a vape. So that night she got busy taking photos of items never used at home uploaded it. A week later Golaam bhai walked in to a newly painted home, that was clutter free. Most of all he finally got his vape.

He was shocked as everything was new at home even the paint deals were found on Crazy deal app. Wishing some one would save him the trouble and have butter on sale, Golaam Bhai had found the app so he never had to set foot outside the house on weekends. No more carrying one hundred shopping bags, this was his happiness.

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Take advice from Mariam and Golaam and download the only app you will need. From food vouchers, to shoes you surely will find every item you will ever need.


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