The waist trainer to get you into shape 

Waist Warrior aims to improve the waist line, improve posture, reduce back pain by providing support, accelerate weight loss, contour midsection, increase core strength, undo diastasis recti and eliminate love handles. 
Waist Warrior fits snug under the bust and goes down to the pelvic girdle, targetting the most common problem area amongst women. 
This versatile trainer is perfect to wear to the gym and for everday use, under clothing be it casual wear or evening dresses. It is also recommended for Post birth reshaping. 
‘My Waist Warrior is absolutely wonderful.


So important for exercise….as its a constant reminder to use your core to do your exercise. No more back pain for me since I started using a waist Trainer . I won’t exercise if I don’t have it on.
And what’s great is that it’s adjustable.’ S.K
For more info call/WhatsApp 078 583 8739


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