For the love of gyming, active and self-motivated individuals


In today’s time many people are hooked onto energy drinks that have become like loan sharks. Energy drinks tend to pick you up and give you that burst of energy and shortly a crash in energy levels is experienced. 


A few weeks back I had tried a Banting friendly vitality drink, optimistic but really sold on the cute bottle I decided to buy A drink called AquaRush vitality. I simply enjoyed the taste and I had energy that lasted all day which was a big surprise to me. What really made a difference is that it a perfect pick me up after an invigorating work out at the gym. 


In 2016 Aqua Rush aspired to create a health-conscious energy drink and vitamin water hybrid. This product is much more than an energy drink and vitamin water – a delicious, innovative, naturally sweetened beverage that invigorates body and mind with a boost of clean energy, hydration and vitality. The Vitality drink is born.


So try it out today and add that extra boost to your day with out the exhausting crash of leading competitors brands. You will thank me for this. 


The brand is available at leading retailers I found my one at Spar. 

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  1. Sounds like something worth trying, will be on the look for it. How much is it by the way?

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    1. mumtazsm says:

      Pick and pay now stocks it about R18 best have it very cold as a warm one tastes horrid. So ice cold is the way to go, what I like is that it keeps me going all day

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