The app for all home industries, this is your chance to grow your business. 

Most of the times small businesses and home industries look for conventional yet new ways to help promote their businesses without having the burden of a website. I always stressed that there was never a secure app that could allow these thriving business to show case their latest products to help them grow. 
A lot of small businesses had shared the common problem, the problem they all faced was that they needed a platform or an online store they could use to reach a wider audience. Having relied upon what’s app broadcasting seemed the common way of getting the word about their services out. 

Crazy deals is a new app that has recently been launched, they had invited me to try out the app and see for myself the functionality of how easy it was to reach a wider audience with the least amount of effort. 

So I asked a friend who is not so tech savvy to have a go at using the app to see if she could use the crazy deal’s app to promote her home industry. 
A few days later her husband had contacted me to tell me that she has become hooked onto the app. When we chatted she had said she found the app relatively easy to use, she could upload what she wanted under the categories. 

That wasn’t her addiction, her addiction came where she could click a photo and see what the same seller has offer. With that she became hooked on trying to find a new supplier on various items which she could resell. 

 I had suggested crazy Deals to my husband as well and in no time he had found a supplier so close to us for paint. Yes I did wish he would have found something for me instead. He spoke about how easy it was to contact the seller via the app, how easy and effortless it was to upload an item. 
Giving it a try myself I quite liked the fact that it uses your location to get you in touch with small business around you. So I decided to put up a listing for my business, I linked it up with my Facebook account and with in 3 minutes my advert was uploaded. Even thou I posted to see how easy it was to promote an item I had a good response. Crazy deals is the app we have all been waiting for. 

So if you looking to promote your home industry or you are looking to resell items i suggest you download this app. This app will empower you to reach more potential clients with out being tech smart. 
Available on android and iOS 

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