Weight loss fat burner. 

Searching for a Product that can help you lose that weight – Don’t you? That’s exactly what you going to achieve with the Well Trusted Zemiente Fat Burner. This Excellent Fat Burner is a 100% 🌿NATURAL PRODUCT and safe to use because it is a Naturally grown seed. It is unprocessed and is packaged without preservatives or chemicals added & has been used for many years to lose weight and maintain an ideal body shape, hence it is a Well Trusted Fat burner.Zemiente is an excellent Natural Fat Burner with a 99% success rate and is safe to use (Acknowledged by DAFFSA for human Consumption).
Zemiente, will cleanse your system and the beginning stages giving you a good detox and thereafter blocks fat and toxins that you consume, hence only keeping what your body needs. The rest is flushed out. No exercise or special diets needed, just take the Fat Burner at night before going to bed, that simple!! 
 The Fat Burner comes with full instructions in packs that last 52 days. On average, people lose between 3 -7kgs in 52 days depending on their metabolism. 
Cost of a tin of seeds are R500 and if requested for courier will be an extra charge.
Instagram: @saydshaffejee

+27 79 741 2140

“Please note this is a paid advert. “


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  1. rhaadz says:

    I dont have instagram. How can I get details of the person selling this fat burner? And is it tried n tested?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mumtazsm says:

      +27 79 741 2140 sadia.


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