If you are going for hajj then this is for you. 

Last few weeks I have been seeing posts that people who are going for hajj this year are looking for plain black hijaabs. With this said that even thou it plain black it needs to be of quality as well. So with this I decided to promote a local lady who has it all. 

Elegant Muslima for all your hijab needs from the plain black ones to the little more fancy ones that won’t break the bank. Yasmin is based in the south of Johannesburg and has a range that suits every one.  
Clients I have spoken to have have recommended her client service as well as the range she has, they all said they were glad elegant Muslims label is still around. Many have had such wonderful remarks about the brand itself so do yourself a favor and follow them on Instagram or give them a call. 
So ladies this your time to get your black hijaabs for hajj before the rush starts. 

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  1. Slms…please kinldy note about her cloaks that the chest is very evident..purpose of our hijaab covering is not just to wear a cloak..but to cover our body in such a way that the body parts dont show. In her abayas its too fitted on the top. Its should be such that the shape of the chest should not be visible. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of wearing the cloak. Maaf was just bringing to attention. Jzk



    1. mumtazsm says:

      Wslm cloaks can be altered. Know this as well that a women scarf should cover the area as no longer how loose the colas be the ladies with bigger breast still have the same issue. I have taken note and have asked the lady, which she has a range and orders to suit everyone preferences.


  2. Zahra Essack says:

    This is repulsive. What is the state of the world 😡

    Sent from my iPod touch


  3. May Allah reward u sis


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