The place to take your kids this holiday. 


My shake milkshake bar had opened a few months back in Johannesburg. The Zone in Rosebank has become home to every brand of food we have ever imagined, with that said my Shake express has been the latest Addition there. So far it is the most exciting and promising addition thus far. 
What is my shake milkshake bar ? 
Well it is the ultimate milkshake bar that will leave you falling in love with the concept. The nostalgia that surrounds the concept is one that brings backs loads of childhood memories. 
What makes them different? 
For years now I could not grasp the concept of milkshakes with artificial flavor, those boring syrups never did Justice to my childhood love of a Sunday afternoon drive which ended with a mouth watering milkshake. Instead of syrups they infuse flavor with actual candy, how cool? You can mix and match and create your own unique milkshake or choose from the popular drink menu. 

My kids love the speckle egg  with mini marshmallows milkshake while the Oreo one is my personal favorite. The shakes are not overwhelmingly rich in taste so it perfect to sip on as you shop. The kids loved the fact that they could choose anything they wanted in a dreamy milkshake and watch how it was made. 

The client service is extremely friendly and welcoming that the kids feel like the most valuable client at the milkshake bar. They do offer sit down space as well, it is conveniently located near all the hype of the mall itself. So go on treat the kids or yourself. 
So if you looking for something new to tantalize your taste buds visit the milkshake bar at the zone. Let me warn you the kids love this concept of choosing candy or fruit and having it infused into a milkshake so your kids will guilt trip you into bringing them back for more.

So this holidays I suggest you take the kids out for a real treat. 
Please note this is not a paid advert,I was asked to write my personal experience about my shake express and the views are based on my kids approval as well. 
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  1. veryberry2 says:

    This sounds interesting. . Although for any Muslims that don’t already know, be careful of the Zoo Biscuits as they are haraam. .


    1. mumtazsm says:

      My kids love this place although they tend to stick towards the speckled eggs shake. Thank you for letting me know

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    2. mumtazsm says:

      The zoo biscuits are certified thou, just had a look now. As the milkshake bar has also applied for certification of the zone branch. The other branches have been certified

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    3. mumtazsm says: have a look here it seems as if the halal bodies are fighting based on de naming each other which is a concern


      1. Haalah says:

        It all depends on what and who you follow. Ice zoo biscuits contain gelatin from non-Halaal slaughtered animals. So like with beacon and other (bovine gelatin)marshmallows, theres a difference of opinion from the Ulama.
        All we have to do is choose one whom we trust and follow them


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