Eid chronicles

 By Mumtaz Moosa Saley. 

Yes I know I’m late and Eid has ended, but the babalaas has never been so bad. Yes, you have not celebrated Eid in the right manner until you have a jalebi hangover. So yeah, I’m late and I lied about being the last chronicle post.
If you were in Lenz – the Eid Salaah was something else with the invitation that was extended to Cyril Ramaphosa to speak. Every uncle was looking at his wristwatch and then expectantly at  the deputy president like, “Arreh bhai, come on now 30 days we waited to have a lekker breakfast and now you here talking and talking!”  
On the flipside, whilst  many people were upset about the delayed chow – it actually gave me a sense of patriotism. I was so proud to be South African on this day.  So proud that i later wondered why on earth did no one ask for a public holiday on the Tuesday after Eid whilst we had the deputy president eating out of the collective palm of our community’s hand in his bid to garner some votes for the ANC in the next election.
 In other news:

I was left wondering about the happenings outside the Muslim community because while we were fasting and Shaytaan was locked up – the news headlines proclaimed that the prisoners at Sun City got KFC, strippers and free laptops. ( I wonder if Shaytaan was active on Facebook as well because some of those aunties posts were cryptic but damn passive aggressive). The prisoners state-sponsored Teasers visit was however the topic on every Eid table amongst the uncles. 
Now the topic on the ladies side was very different but equally interesting. 

Aunties, this is for you!  Well done on your fabulous table settings. Thanks to all your social media updates, especially the Instagram posts, I now feel as if I am part of your family. Facebook rivals the tabloids for who celebrated Eid in better style. 
As for the food –

It could probably  be scientifically proven that Eid is the longest day ever due to the fact  that all Muslims celebrating w eat so many times in a single day that they could possibly skip an entire week’s worth of meals and not feel hungry at all. At one point,I considered skipping dinner, then I thought to myself “what if the food is really lekker and people talk about it for many years to come.”  A serious bout of FOMO set in and I relented and ate myself into a stupor. 
On a serious note, though –

What I loved most about the day is that families got together, kids received enough Eidy money to buy their own stuff for the year and all in all, much love was shared. Eid has that amazing way of bringing people together despite our busy routines and tight schedules. It should really be a lesson to us all to maintain family ties and stop making excuses about being so very busy. We need to stop interacting via social media and actually start talking to each other as family and making time for each other.
Eid has made me realized that if we can bury the hatchet for a single day and greet each other with peace between us, then it is definitely possible that a lot of previously burnt bridges will be rebuilt. With great good, a united family and the realization that the day after Eid should be spent swopping eid left overs with each other – anything is possible!

Kudos to the person who took a record 27 selfies in a single social post. I’m pretty sure these selfie-obsessed people have missed Eid and that they need another day to catch up on what they have missed. 
So, ladies, if you have the willpower of a saint and started your Shawaal fasts – the rest of us are still confused about whether we can have breakfast this week. In the meantime, I  will look forward to seeing your eid outfits on social media along with my (halaal) morning cuppa!
And on that note the next Eid as a friend said is not to far away, so ladies I look forward to being on your Eid table. 


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