For hair that won’t bhave

“Please note this not a paid ad, but one based on product testing by myself. Not all products make it to the blog unless it works for me. ” 

Like many my hair is the part on my body that endures the most torture, from styling to hair dying and so on. Many products promised that I could get softer hair and yet they have failed to show any result. 
I was sent a product called bhave it contains a patented technology called Replicine keratin which is gently extracted from the wool of the New Zealand Sheep. It’s one of the only haircare products containing natural keratin. It is free from sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride. So there nothing to damage your hair further.

My hair was dry and dull, as a busy mum and entrepreneur I don’t have time to go to a salon for hair treatment so my need for a home fix that won’t take long was a need. Mums you know if showering was an Olympic sport we would clock record times. 
Bhave after one wash left my hair softer and more manageable. My other issue was because I have really thick hair brushing my hair is always a challenge. Well with this product it left my hair much more manageable and soft I would definitely recommend it to all.
Price wise you would assume it is a Splurge. Compared to other competitors bhave hair products are 300ml bottles and works out cheaper per bottle. Give your hair the life it needs this year. 
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