The cold world on cyber bullying. 

By Mumtaz Moosa Saley. 

She uploaded a photo she took of the plants outside her home. The photo she took was the pride of her heart. You see she was new in the town and she didn’t have much friends so photography was her only passion and companion.
First comment came in and she was excited, some girls from school had started to follow her on Instagram. Excitedly they all liked the photo and things were looking well for her. This might be it she thought, I have been accepted as my peers. 
So the next day she opens Instagram and she sees she has a thousand followers, literally over night. Immediately she uploaded another photo. The photo she uploaded was of her cat who was sitting in a basket. 
With that the first comment came in. ” you so stupid, posting crap like this.” 

The next comment: ” the skirt you had on to school should be longer, you so fat.” 

The third one read: ” if I was as ugly as you, I would kill myself.” 
These words had hurt like a cold knife going through her heart, she didn’t know what to do or who to tell. So she opened up to her parents. 
Her parents were furious, they approached the school. The school called in the kids and their parents, so that the matter could be resolved. Parent after parent said they are just kids, your daughter needs to learn to be stronger it part of life. While others said it was childish and a waste of time. So she bowed her head and accepted that in the hierarchy of life she was the ego feeder. 


Days went by and every day she was told she was fat, not to her face oh no. No one even bothered to acknowledge her existence in school so they would do it online. She deactivated her accounts, changed her phone number and told herself that it’s now over. 
 As she walked into school, people would pass her and comment on how she was ugly, she was imperfect and she was disgusting. That broke her even thou they were just words that kid say, those words broke her! 
The happy girl she was faded away, soon she became depressed. Things got worst from there on and eventually one night she found the courage, she was going to end this pain so she hung herself. There she hung alone, broken and now dead. 

 Stories like the above is the reality, we as parents need to teach our kids to never bully and tell them about the consequences. Those bullied who make it through life end up scared for life. As parents, we need to pay close attention to how our kids are for we can eradicate bullying if we help restore the humanity in the humans we have. 
Unfortunately bullying is a worldwide Saga but we can combat it mother to mother, learn to have discussions with your children. Allow them to come to you and tell you if they being bullied and take the matter serious let’s help drop the suicide stats amongst teens. 
I urge you go home and read about cyber bulling and talk to your kids , it’s a real issue that needs to be spoken about.


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  1. Mom Of Two Little Girls says:

    Great post. A friend of mine in the UK just shared how her 10 year old son was bullied over his first YouTube video, which escalated to him being pushed around at school, literally, and when he retaliated by using the F word, he got into trouble from the school. The school didn’t even know about the bullying until his mom was called in to talk about his swearing! It’s so bad. I am dreading it when my girls get old enough to suffer this. Let’s all try raise our kids to know that it is wrong to bully in any way. The future does not look bright.


    1. mumtazsm says:

      My biggest worry as a parent is bullying

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