Indians and chevro.

As an Indian be sure that at every occasion chevro is always present, that bowl that goes around while every one looks at it with Desire. For some odd reason the smallest teas spoons are added, while you dish this flavorful treat in your hand you pray you don’t mess. 
We all have grown up eating chevro, I remember as a kid going visiting meant that you would have to master your chevro eating skills.Years later I still love the amazing tea time snack especially in winter for some reason. 
I love the old-fashioned ones that are homemade, the ones where the aunties weren’t shy to add the flavor and extra love to every batch. 

Aunt Rookshana who is based in lenz still makes those home made flavorful chevro that leaves you lingering for more. She has been making chevro for so many years that she has mastered the age-old recipe which has been passed down from generation to generation. 
So do yourself a favor and indulge in this amazing treat.


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  1. Alfonzowords says:

    hahahah true story!!! i looooooove it! and my bros mum makes the best.


    1. mumtazsm says:

      You see every Indian house needs it

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