A whimsical tale by Shahana 


La Reine des macaron started of as an idea by Shahana a lady with passion and determination to prove success is in the pudding. Shahana who does macaron classes aiming to inspire others had used her knowledge to start the brand which has now grown into a house hold name. 

I will preface this review by saying that I had really high expectations for La_reine_des_macaron I been following their adventure into the Macaron world with high enthusiasm. With a few recommendations from online sources the hype was created for me to want to try them out. 
 I have to admit I am not a Macron fan as I have had them in the past and found that they lack the magical taste that came with the whimsical treat. La Reine des macron had invited me to try you they latest collection, I must admit I was two minded. 

Firstly I was blown away by the packaging, it was well thought about especially for transporting these delicacies. The packaging simply works in other words. Last thing you need is to end up on a special occasion with half of your items ending up as crumbs. So this was a big plus. 
Now for the taste. 

The texture under the crust top it is soft and full of flavor, even thou I love sugar I love that these macarons are not overly sweet so the crust and the flavor really compliment each other. It’s not hard like the commercialized ones you find all over but it melts in your mouth. 
To be honest I found a reason to love macarons. Finally a whimsical taste to accompany the playful look. 
They have a Eid Range out, so dazzle your friends and family this eid.
Here are the exquisite flavors available:

The flavors are Ferrero, Salted Caramel, Burfi, Chai , Lemon and coffee. 

For more info follow on Instagram https://instagram.com/p/BVATkrDgV8E/

Contact shahana on +27 72 374 9098


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