Have an energy filled Ramadhan. 


As we near the countdown- as we would say it’s downhill from here- our energy levels start to deplete. That exhaustion that creeps up on us during Suhoor is taking its toll as we look around at fellow Muslims. 
Like many I am one of those zombies that just can’t function during suhoor, eating was another challenge until my trainer told me a month ago to invest in a good shake to help maintain my wellness as well as keep my energy levels balanced. 
I didn’t take the advice given even though I am training during Ramadhan. Well until this morning when a lovely lady reminded me that Herbalife can take the fuss out of suhoor, keep me full and balanced as well. They have this amazing energy tea that comes in a variety of flavours that keeps you full of life even after iftaar. 
So allow Herbalife to ensure the next half of suhoor is saved, it’s fit for the entire family and it will keep them full, and while you’re at it you will be incorporating a healthy lifestyle without the fuss.


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