Find perfection at Mena’s boutique. 

Let’s face it is as much as a woman loves shoes,a woman also loves kitchen gadgets and dishes. No one is sure as to why but a lady simply can never have enough shoes and dishes. 

Like most I look for exquisite one of a kind items, especially when I am having guests over. Usually I find the same old boring things and going from store to store gets me absolutely frustrated. Well that was until I had discovered Mena’s kitchen boutique. 

Mena’s kitchen boutique caters for every occasion from paper plates to stylish one of a kind water jugs. What really stood out for me was her one specialized paper plates she has in stock, you will certainly entice guests by going the extra mile with out the effort. 

So for this year ramdhaan, Eid or even for a gift I suggest you visit Mena’s kitchen Boutique for that one of a kind artifact that you certainly must have. 

Pick up points are based in Roshnee,fordsburg and Zeerust. Making online shopping convenient and easy. Courier is done nation wide as well so now you really have no excuse for using boring dinner plates at your next function. 

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Call: 0764078687


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