Passionate foods has got eid covered for you. 

Eid should be a joyous celebration spent with family and loved ones. The last thing on any woman mind is should be cooking. Admit it after a month of cooking up a feast Eid should be your day off, after all you deserve it. 
Passionate foods has got you covered from your lunch, Braai’s and even tea treats. So stop stressing about your menu and sit back and allow passionate foods to plan your day. Their food is tantalizingly delectable and I’m talking from experience. 
Have a look at their menu, choose from their variety of options.
Menu options
Chicken biryani, Jardo, dhai R70 per person

Mutton biryani, sweet, dhai R80 pp

Chicken roast R50 per person

Veg medley R40 per person

Creamy pasta R45 per person

Persian rice R35 per person

(rice with nuts and sultanas)

Leg roast and baby potatoes R100 p.p

Lamb roll with veggies R105 p.p

Chicken roulade R300

Salt and pepper chicken R50 p.p

Peri peri prawns R105pp

Lemon butter prawns R105pp

Adega prawns R105pp

Marinated queen prawns R400per kg

Prawn cocktail

Chicken strips

Beef stirfry

Pistachio ricotta 

Mushroom bruschetta
Spitbraai including 2 salads, 2 hot dishes, desserts R180pp
Normal braai

3 meat (sausages, chicken,steak), 2 salads, 2 hot dishes, dessert R125pp

4 meat(sausages, chicken, steak and kebab), 2 salad, 2 hot dishes, dessert R135pp

5 meat ( sausages, chops, chicken, steak and kebab) 2 cold salad, 2 hot sides, dessert R150pp
Pie roses chicken R75, steak R80

Assorted savouries available. Contact me for pricelist) made fresh everyday of ramadhaan

Savoury platters R350 – R450each.

Choose from list of savouries. 5 types per platter. 1 dozen of each
Choc mousse cake R250

Choc mousse cupcake R15 

Choc mousse mini cake R25

Bar one cake R250

Bar one cupcake R18

Ferrero cake R450

Ferrero cupcake R25

Choc fudge cake R200

Choc fudge cupcake R15

Vanilla rose cake R200

Vanilla rose cupcake R15

Vanilla almond cake R250

Vanilla almond cupcake R15

Granadilla cupcakes R180p

Rafaello cake R400

Rafaello cupcake R25

Tiramisu cake R400

Red/bluevelvet cake R350

Red/blue velvet cupcake R15

Carrot cake R300

Oreo cupcakes R18

Vanilla flake cup cakes R18

Coffee cupcakes R15

Choc ganache cake R250
Mirror glazed cakes from R650

Drip cakes from R800

Custard/coconut biscuits also available

Eid mubarak biscuits R10 each
Milk tart R12

Pecan nut tart R25

Fruit custard tart R20

Strawberry tart R20

Banoffee R15

Lemon meringue R15

Chocolate ganache tart R120

Chocolate Oreo tart R250
Tiramisu dessert R400

Raspberry/choc orange/dulce de leche tiramisu R450

Praline ice cream R120 per litre

Raspberry soufflé gateau R350


White chocolate cheesecake with raspberries R350/ R30 INDIVIDUAL

Chocolate cheesecake R300/ R25 individual

Oreo cheesecake R300/ R25 individual

Lemon cheesecake R250/ R20individual

Strawberry cheesecake R300/ R25 individual

Baked vanilla R400

Baked choc cheesecake R400

Baklava ice cream R450
Choc brownies R20 each
New desserts
Pannacotta with fruit coulis R20 each

Pavlova with fruit and cream R25

Eclairs R90 a dozen

Eclairs tower R250


Chocolate  R10

White chocolate  R10

Mint aero        R10

Coffee chocolate  R10

Rose Turkish delight    R10

Lemon Turkish delight  R10

Pistachio    R17.00

Coconut       R10.50

Strawberry  R10

OREO            R10.50

BURFEE       R12.50

NUTELLA      R12.50
Macaroon towers from R400
macaroon dessert tarts R65 each
toffee apple with decor R20 each

Contact  Passionate foods for weddings,  birthday parties, year end functions etc

Passionate food Eid orders are officially open.

food, cakes, mirror cakes, macaron tarts, macarons, croquembouche and desserts…. 




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