A mothers plea to give her daughter the best there is in life. 

Fatima Zahra’s mum shared her story and journey with Fathima Zahra so far.
Salaams/hello one and all. Firstly I would like to take the time to thank you all for your continuous support, help and concern towards my child. Once again after 2 years I have found myself in the same position, Fathima Zahara has had her implant since early 2015. It has helped her tremendously when it comes to sound, I never thought my child will beable to hear, but the help of the Almighty who has made all of you the means in giving my child this wonderful gift she now has hearing. 

This miracle was only made possible with all of your help and support throughout our journey, I as a mother am more that grateful and one day when I explain to Fathima zahra all that has happened. I know that she will personally be able to say thank you To all of you. Fathima Zahra at such a little age has been through so much in her 4 years, she’s had 2 operations. The first was not a success and because of her complicated anatomy she was in theatre for 7 hours. I remember standing at the window at the nurses station at theatre and before I could ask about my child I burst out crying I couldn’t speak, my mum went to the nurses and spoke on my behalf and asked them what’s happening with my child. Her audiologist came and told me that she is fine but they are struggling to get the electrode in because of her abnormal cochlear. 

I waited eagerly and very patiently. When someone came to call us to say she is out of theatre I ran with a speed of lighting, my heart racing, pounding with excitement. The doctors called us in the room, all sitting together I knew something was not right. They sat us down and explained to us that the operation had to be stopped and that they could not get the electrode in. I was crushed and devastated with disappointmen.

 They kept explaining but at the time I couldn’t hear anything and with the shock I ran out of the room to the closest bathroom and started throwing up. When they brought my child out of theatre I only cried with devastation. I was sick that night and the nurses where so kind and compassionate towards me they took care of both me and my child. I knew that the doctors did what was best for my child and I of course do not hold anything against them. 

After 3 months of Fathima Zahra healing we tried again for her second operation. A doctor from overseas who specialises in cases that are so complex had to be there for the operation with her treating surgeon Dr Nanan. The operation was a complete success in a maximum of 2 hours. We were overwhelmed with joy.

 Remember no operation has a guarantee and every operation has risks, one of the risks was meningitis also because of her complicated anatomy. In September last year Fathima zahra got sick and was admitted for 7 days with meningitis. She had several tests done and it was a very traumatic experience for her as well as myself. In April this year she had another episode of meningitis and was admitted again for 7 days, on both occasions she was discharged on the 7th day and has the drip line attached to her hand because we had to take her back to hospital to complete a 10 day course of antibiotics to be administered through the drip. 

Please know that for 3 days being at home with a drip line on her hand, she was the most calm and careful child. At her age Allah has given her that patience and strength. So today my dear friends,family and Facebook followers I find myself In the same position requesting assistance from you for my child. Again I ask firstly for dua/prayers for my child’s good health and well being. Secondly for assistance in raising funds for her, I feel like we keep moving 3 steps forward and then 2 steps back, as any parent would keep on trying for their child I will not give up on my child. She needs to do another operation due to the fact that she has had 2 episodes of meningitis in 6 months is not good for her. Her surgeons need to rectify the complication which is present.

 I want you all to please understand my situation as a mother and understand my Fathima Zahras situation as a Child. The fact that I have to raise funds again for another operation is really heartbreaking and very difficult for me to take it all in but I have to keep trying. I have to persevere for the sake of my child. As hard as it is, I have to take a deep breath and just stay strong for my child and know that I can never give up. So once again thank you and please open your hearts again to please help my child. My contact number is 0726044260, if you would like to call me. I appreciate you taking the time in reading my story. NB.All funds go directly into a trust fund.
The Fathima zahra trust. Absa. Branch code 632005. Islamic cheque account. Acc nr 4085411993

For more info call 0726044260


* A friend had sent this request let us open our hearts and wallets this ramdhaan no matter how small the donation help this mother give her daughter a chance. 


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