Time to go nuts. 

Ramdhaan a time when family and friends come together. We all Look for that some thing to nibble on and Aunty’s all over usually stock up on almonds for badaam milk. With that I have found an amazing supplier one stop for all your ramdhaan needs.From dates to nappies one place to save you the hassle and give you more time. 
Have a look at their ad below
☄☄☄Time to go Nutz☄☄☄
Fresh Pecans@ *R165 pkg*

Fresh Whole Almonds 🥜🌰🥜🌰

@ *R150* per kg
Fresh Slightly Chipped Almonds

@ *R115* per kg
Hurry 💃🏼n Get yours for ramadaan desserts n eid treats…😋
☎Contact Zakiyyah on *0723307862*

Watsapp Only📲
Fresh Medina n Namibia Khajoor Available *on Order only*🍢

Watsapp Hasan *0721481947*
Based in *Lenasia* Ext 9

Collection Only🚗
Pampers n Huggies Jumbo Packs *R175*

Plz note huggies only size 3 up available.

Pampers frm size 2 up.👶🏻
Bulk Pack of 6×64 Pampers Wetwipes at a crazy low price of R135.00‼️😳

Zakiyyah 0723307862

Hasan 0721481947

Follow on Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BUcavVZAapU/


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