Mycro Keratin competition time. Enter now 


Introducing The ultimate treatment for your hair!!! It is a hair experience that will change your life. Mycro Keratin hair treatment is the most advanced and revolutionary hair treatment in the world.

By using Nanotechnology, the treatment is packed with microscopic particles of keratin. It is designed to penetrate the hair cuticles, remove all frizz, enrich it with vitamins, replace lost keratin and revive your hair to being healthy shiny and strong.  

The treatment can be done to keep your wavy look with soft curls or as a straightening process. 

The treatment also has no chemicals and contains mostly organic and natural ingredients which means that It does not contain any silicone and thus does not coat your hair making it halaal friendly for muslimahs to use and whudhu and ghusal completely valid. 
The soft revitalized healthy hair you always dreamed off is now possible.

For more info hijabella call Fatima on (082) 6442373

The treatment is available from Fatima @Hijabella_SA and Tasneem @Glam_by_Tasneem  

They have teamed up with @ts_interiordesign and life Style by M to bring a great giveaway to jhb ladies. 

One lucky lady from jhb can win this treatment along with a full hair color and cut , glamour make up, a full body massage plus a custom profile design for your social by M has added an amazing 500 idea dessert recipe book. 

For more information and to enter check out their social media pages 

Hijabella Instagram
Glam by Tasneem Instagram
TS interior design Instagram
Lifestyle By M
The prizes that are up for grabs 👇🏻


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