Your home is where the magic should happen.

The kitchen Is the heart of a home as many would say, mostly because it the place in the home filled with the most memories. Kids doing homework while you cook, conversations taking place and it simply the most alive place where every one comes together to spend quality time. 
A home Is definitely an investment not just an emotional one but also a monetary one as well. Having a dream home should be top priority to every home-owner out there simply because comfort living is key to every ones happiness. 

Tuscany Kitchens is a number that every one should store for when they decide to build that dream home on a budget. While they pride themselves with the neatest work with a state-of-the-art factory they can cater to all your home important needs. With over twenty years of experience in the industry they sure to provide service with a personal touch, you never a customer but you are treated as family. 

Even thou they based in the vaal they travel out to places as far as Nigel and Durban, the demand to have a Tuscany Kitchen installed is becoming a demand. They have a state of the art Factory and an incredible showroom to visit.

 What stands out the most from their work is the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, taking into consideration your wants and needs to complete your home. They also provide 3D drawings so you know what you getting beforehand which really helped me when I was doing up my home. 
My biggest issue was limited space but the need to maximum amount of cupboard and with the idea I had in mind I watched them transform my house into a home. 
Which turned out better than I had envisioned. Working hand in hand with the builders, plumbers and all the rest they even supplied and installed granite counter tops throughout my home.
So if you looking to do up your home this year give them a call. You will understand why they are in business for this long. 

For more info contact 

yahya 0848786688 



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  1. Wow it sounds like you had a great experience. And this kitchen looks damn good.


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