Confessions of a designer 

SB Couture has been strictly local since inception.

We’ve supported local stores, be it fabric, beads, simple things like cotton from day one! Supporting local helps not only create jobs but helps stabilize the South African economy, another reason is Local is Lekker. 
The brand is built on the idea of being the only abaya and modest wear manufacturer in South Africa to keep it strictly local! 

So this year “2017” they have decided to highlight their pride in our gorgeous country!

Why should international markets thrive when we have the means to support our local economy. 
The fabrics used has been sourced locally as well, ensuring that the spirit of South Africa and its people is captured in a modestly elegant way. Like Zarina Majam always tells me you are never fully dressed until you dressed by SB couture. Last year SB couture had set a trend in taking the hijab styles to the next level while ensuring her personal touch on every garment made, this year she has done it again with a bold move and an even bolder ad campaign. 

They have teamed up with local nasheed artist Taariq Uwais Malinga, his beautiful voice paired with the stunning fabric marked a new beginning for SB Couture. With the release of his latest album “The Silent Repenter”
 Haroon Skhokho Osman our local astronaut, shark whisperer & humanitarian who brought all Zarina Majam’s ideas to life, with his drive, energy and passion for local people & business he guided the brand into the streets of Jozi, capturing each garment beautifully across the city skyline! Proving that when great people of South Africa come together under the banner of “ubuntu” beautiful things are created. 
An amazing photo shoot done and dusted in barely a week after launching their exquisite range most of the garments have been sold out, proving that the transformation to local is the way to go. 
I suggest you head over to their website and check out their latest range for 2017. See the reason I endorse SB
Every order placed by SB this month will get a nasheed cd free. So hurry up and place your order today. 


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