Architects? Who, what, when and why. 


Building is a minefield especially if its your first time. In this series we will breakdown the key players .

In this post lets discuss the architect.




Who – Architects are planing professionals who will assist you to draw up a set of plans in order to build from. They are to building as doctors are to medical field.


What do they do

• An architect will work with you to develop your idea from

  concept through to a set of plans that a builder will use to build from.

• They will help you get the required approvals from the

   local municipality.  

• They will help you find a builder , call for quotes and

  assist you in evaluating which builder is the best for the job.

• During construction they will monitor progress & quality  

  of building work , checking that builder builds according

  to plan , not shortcutting, or running behind time.

  Towards the end of construction they will ‘snag’ the

  building. Meaning go though it head to toe and identify

  all errors minor or major that builder needs to correct

  before end of project.


When do you need to call them

At the beginning, like when you decided you want to the build they are the first person you should call. Planning & Municipal Approval process takes time. On a typical project this it a few months before you are ready


Why use an architect?  

Like a good lawyer , using and architect will streamline the process for you. They act as your agent dealing directly with the builder and keeping builder in check.


Architects study for six years followed by two years of work prior to writing their board exam. So they are highly qualified.



When considering an architect always check that they are registered as a professional architect with SACAP. It is unfortunately a common practice that draughtsmen , or unqualified plan drawers pose as architects. On SACAP’s website you can search by name and verify that a person is registered.


Always look for an architect with a couple of years experience. I would advise seeking someone a min 7 years experience. During these years they would have worked on multiple projects of various styles and scales . There is no substitute for experience. They will bring this wealth of knowledge to benefit your project.


How much:

Architects however come at a cost. Expect to pay 5-12% of the cost of construction to appoint an architect for full service. Using a qualified and experienced architect can save you on actual building cost down the road.

Acting as your agent they also save you on a lot of hassle of dealing directly with the builder, and can usually spot when the builder is trying to cut corners.  


Always be upfront as to how much you are willing to spend on a building. Your budget will guide the design decisions.  






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