Burfee Dessert recipe. 


By Radia Brown 
1 liter milk,

4 tbsp sugar,

1+1/2 tsp falooda powder,

10 tbsp klim or nespray,

3 tbsp custard powder,

1 tsp elachi powder,

1 tin condensed milk,

1 small tin dessert cream.

(Dessert cream & flake- garnish).

1. Warm milk with sugar.

2. Make a paste with custard powder, then add elachi, klim and falooda powder, and add to milk.

3. Bring to a boil, and then remove from stove.

4. Add condensed milk and dessert cream. Mix well.

5. Pour into bowl and set in fridge.

6. Decorate with cream and flake.
Decor idea:

Once mixture is made, separate into 3 even portions.

Colour 1 pink, 1 green and leave the other plain.

In individual glasses, layer white, then pink and last green and sprinkle coloured badaam on top. Set in fridge and serve chilled with ice cream spoons.Enjoy💋


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