Marriage is not for the faint-hearted 


By Mumtaz Moosa Saley. 

People always say there is no guide book for motherhood, but no one tells you the reality of marriage. I assume people are happy at weddings and when a child is born purely because in both cases the first two years are extremely challenging. 
 No one ever tells you that the first year of marriage is not like being in a park called Jurassic park. Yes you marry some one you have never lived with before so you not use to his ways and he is not use to your ways. 
I always hear people tell new brides enjoy our honeymoon phase, that means the first year of marriage I had always assumed. Well first year of marriage is hell, you have to eat use to another persons ways and living from the day you move in.
Trust me man snore so that’s bracing you for a lot of sabr in a whole new way. Honeymoon phase starts when you married for three or four years only by then the worst of fights had already taken place and you know what annoys him and he knows what works on your nerves. Well he might still cut his toe nails in the kitchen just to drive you insane. 
The next thing is no one informs you about your first few fights, the fights are brutal and both of you are left crying, the one advice my parents gave me was it just a fight learn to say sorry no matter who is right or who is wrong. Honestly girls and boys go into marriage assuming it’s all Instagram perfect and the moment the first fight happens they ready to call it quits. That why tell your children the reality of marriage stop sugar coating it for them 

We all want the best for ourselves as well but we not living in some romantic comedy where it all works out so tell the girls and boys that saying I’m sorry is not weakness of any kind it’s extending and olive branch to say hay by tomorrow it will be forgotten. 
Marriage is not for the fainthearted, but it’s not all horror stories also as it beautiful and amazing. Really after you get past the OMG you just farted moments you realize that you always have a best friend next to you, That some days you will fight with your other half because he cheated on you in your dream. It’s amazing but I will not sugar coat it and say it perfect. 
But I will say verily after-hardship comes ease 
Allah made marriage half of our deen because like Adam A.S we humans we crave companionship so Allah created the perfect person to complete half our deen. So while marriage is hard it also the best years you will have.


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