The calm before the fast.


Most freezers are filled to the brim, the chutneys are made and aunties all over can finally sit back and relax. 
Well as the count down begins for Ramadhaan and the savoury run is over relaxing is far from any aunties mind because this coming weekends it all about Eid. Yip you heard me, the hunt for Eid begins with aunties looking for the perfect Eid gifts,clothes and table-ware – after all Eid is a celebration. 
My question is; do we really need to carry on as though we’re preparing for an apocalypse? I’m sure that the amount of two aunties’ freezers can feed a small town. Let us not forget all the aunties keeping the chest freezer sales up, big ups to keeping jobs.
From the day you married people go “Oh, this is your first Ramadhaan being married”, it sounds as if men all over have been starving and keeping they physique just for Ramadhaan.
Remember also all the Eid fairs are in full swing and women everywhere are dragging their husbands by the ear in search of Eid pjs for the kids the essence of Ramdhaan is off to a great start. 
Every woman questions the other as if it’s an exam “So how man samoosa’s have you made?”. The uncles are the ones who have to endure the conversation on how many rakaats they’ll be performing this year. No one is safe in the build up due to all the ramdhaan counters we have again, as if the apocalypse is about to set in.
Today, while at a family gathering, a relative made a valid point that the one thing Ramadhaan has taught us is time management. While we fuss over the traditions of generations before us, we have learned that we’re not that busy as in Ramdhaan we find the time we usually say we don’t have to recite a full parah of the Quran, men and women find the time to pray Salaah on time. Men somehow find the time to go to mosques without complaining, and there in the midst of all the fuss a Ramdhaan miracle happens. 
Ramadhaan teaches us that we all have time to build relations within communities by people attending jamaat and those family dinners we all never seem to have time for. 
Ramdhaan is a month like no other for it comes with a calming feeling to it, we give up worldly pleasures and in turn we find time we usually say we don’t have. 
So while frying up a storm, I ask you remember the man begging on the side of the road; make his day by giving him something fresh to eat. Remember the domestic workers who have to spend hours scrubbing the pots while you’re buying your kids new Eid pjs – give them a set to send home for their kids. Ramdhaan is about giving so let’s start with the people we see every day. 
Guys, remember your wife, send her flowers and thank her for the feast she makes daily. Remember it takes a superhero to wake up half an hour before every one else so that the family can have a healthy and wholesome suhoor. Trust me, it takes a lot when you have to wake up from the warm bed to selflessly ensure every one’s day goes well. 
Thank the family member who has so much love in them that they think about calling you suhoor time to wake you up.  
Ramdhaan is a month like no other, make dua for the guests in your heart and remember it’s not about the Eid clothing or the food; it’s a month of reflecting. Ramdhaan allows us to better ourselves for the pleasure of Allah. 
May your Ramadhaan bring you memories like no other. Keep us in your duas.


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