Finding the perfect gift can be a burdensome task


With the influx of cheap items the task to find the perfect for that special someone in your life is becoming even more burdensome than ever before. There just so many ideas And most are impersonal as well. 

So I asked myself what constitutes as a good gift that will come across as a personal gesture to the recipient? I hunted through what’s app groups, websites and basically even resorted to the newspapers and behold in the midst like a silver lining in a dark cloud someone asked where could they get a personalized wooden chopping board from. 

Yes we all have needed a chopping board since master chef season one because we all like to assume we cooking for culinary glory every day. So I asked this lady what she plans on doing with a personalized chopping bored she told me she looking for one to gift a co-worker as a display for his model cars he keeps scattered all over the office. I found the gesture so amazing and versatile, yet personal. 

So I found a company in Johannesburg that couriers throughout the country. Gourmet Candy Bar has added personalized boards to their list of items they stock, also just in time for Mother’s Day they have introduced personalized rolling pins a must give gift from all kids to mum.  

So give the perfect gift this year it’s perfect for every occasion. 
Contact gourmet Candy Bar on: 0605293937



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  1. TinzRant says:

    Love this post, thanks for sharing. Sometimes getting the perfect gift feels like a chore only because we want to make sure the gift is unique and perfect for the recipient. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Great poem your confidence shined through and helped to make this a great post. Look forward to reading more from you.

    Check my post out when you get the chance, would love to know your views on the various topics I post about (related to relationships)


    1. mumtazsm says:

      I can’t seem to follow your blog. I forgot my password. Looks amazing

      Liked by 1 person

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