Ramdhaan shoe box project 2017 

At no other time of year are we as inspired to help those in need than during the blessed month of Ramadaan. Join us by doing something extra special this year and bringing a smile to a less fortunate child. 
The objective behind the Ramadaan Shoebox Project is to create a personalized gift for a specific child. The donor is given the age and gender of the child. The donor is responsible for decorating a shoe box and filling it with a list of items that includes a few basic necessities along with a treat and a gift. 
Alhamdulillah, last Ramadaan, our generous donors and volunteers made it possible to donate over 3000 boxes across South Africa. Our efforts were primarily centred in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Areas that benefited from our projects include some of the poorest communities in South Africa.
Together with you and the grace of Allah, we hope to run this project again this Ramadaan extending to other regions.
Give a little of yourself this Ramadaan, by creating a gift for a child in need. Pledging now open . http://www.ramadaanshoebox.co.za


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