What’s good for baby is perfect for mum. My review on quench bottles. 


When my daughter was born the hassle of having water at the perfect temperature was a battle I could not win. My dilemma was actually with both my kids had needs but to both extremes. 
My son needed something to keep his drinks cold so that in summer he doesn’t have warm water at school or his chocolate milk he insisted he takes won’t be spoiled. My daughter was a baby as with formula you need perfect drinking temperature at any given time. 
I went through every recommendation every one had given me. I just could not find a solution to fit my lifestyle. I was close to throwing in the towel. 
A family member insisted I try quench bottles as it promised to keep cold liquids at a constant temperature for 24 hours and hot liquids hot for 18 hours. Honestly I was skeptical as nothing worked in the past,at this point also I had nothing to lose so once again I decided to get the quench bottle. 
Quench bottles came to my savior and kept the cold milk cold enough to go out during summer time. I was sold on the quench bottles it fitted perfect in the cup holders of my car so from gym to school rounds I had nice cold drink always on my side. Last year during ramadhaan I would make soup and store it in the bottles as it was one less thing to heat up saving me time. The Quench bottles make the perfect Ramdhaan and Eid gifts for loved ones. 
From the kids to myself we simply recommend quench bottles for every one out there especially mummies. 
Prices: 500 Ml R 210  

              700ml R280 

                 1L. R350 
For more info contact Safiyya 083 289 4489

Instagram page link https://instagram.com/p/BTGUFwqDzv9/

Facebook page link Safiyya- Cajee-Patel


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