When you feel helpless a mum, thanks to the latest craze 

. By Mumtaz Moosa Saley 
Dealing with school runs, homework and a kids schedule is mission on its own. That is not my saga, the latest kids craze is.
I never give in to the latest kids craze because it takes two weeks before your kids are onto a new thing, so far I have avoided all trends with my kids. 
Well almost until one day on the way home from school my son tells me he wants a fidget spinner. A fidget what ? A simple question turned into a tormenting fifteen minute conversation with my seven year old. I have a rule if you ask it will be approved with in fourteen working days, yes I have this rule because by day three a new want starts. 
From that day the word fidget spinner had stalked me every time I seen my kid, trying to ignore a kid who tells you well I saved my own money is a statement you don’t have an answer for. 
My hunt had begun for this toy he so desperately wanted. Every person I had contacted told me two weeks, this meant another fourteen days wait for a trend which now made me become a mad person.
You have never felt the panic set in until you can’t find something your kid has saved up for, no one ever tells you things like this would happen. So frantically I searched every china mall, stalked every aunty who sells things from home 
I gave up and finally told him to find something else to spend his money on. He was persistent as every kid at school had one. My mummy book came out and the lecture was ready and set to tell him “just because others have it doesn’t mean you should” yes somewhere along the line we have used this lecture to spindle out of things in hope to raise good kids. 
 Reluctantly I still didn’t want to get my kid the latest craze, so I googled. Articles on how it helps kids popped up still didn’t convince me. I decided to put my foot down and tell him he could have anything else as I won’t allow him to take toys to school, the second lecture came out about how others who can’t afford would want it and they parents can’t give it to them came out. 
 My seven year old boy said it ok with a broken heart and took my decision better than I had expected. I felt like I finally got this being a mum in control. 
Well that week daddy came home with a fidget spinner because he saw it at the local store and thought it would be nice. Somewhere in the midst a beautiful lesson came out of it because my little boy thanked the creator for he really wanted one and had been secretly praying for it. 
With that the lesson of what was meant for you will find its way, if it doesn’t it was never meant for you came to mind. 
Yes we don’t have a mummy rule book to follow but it’s the lessons we teach our children they carry with them where ever they go. The lesson I learn was that prayer is the answer to all your needs and wants. 


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  1. Haalah says:

    sound real nightmare-ish……..
    but what a sweet outcome 😉


    1. mumtazsm says:

      Under every dark cloud there is a sliver lining

      Liked by 1 person

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