Broken hearts. 

 By mumtaz Moosa saley 
She sat looking lost, she did not know where to turn. Her parents were old and couldn’t take her in. A million thoughts ran through her mind. 

He looked at her and closed the door and just like that he would never return. She prayed and asked people for help but no one was willing to aid her. What was she to do? Who would put a roof over her head ? What about her children’s school fees ? She has a thousand thoughts and no one to help. 
She thought about it and began hating as women are seen as weak and fragile, while men are distinguished to be the protector and the provider. What happens when the provider and protector leaves and never looks back? Who will support her, will it be the community who told her Muslim women should not work? Would it be the community who told her father that a Muslim girl doesn’t need a good education and sons do? Would it be the community who said that a woman should only serve her husband? 
Hating that she was not educated enough to get a job she looked and thought about what was she good at? She had to think about what would feed her children. Hating that her father didn’t see a point of her going to university she called her brother who went instead. Her brother said he will help where he can but he has his own family so she was lost. 

She prayed for an answer and she hoped for a solution. So she put out an advert for cooking, that’s the one skill she did have. Instead of help she got judgment, the community saying it haraam what if a male gets your number and stories started what if. So she bowed her head and prayed. 
No one was there to help her, all these man who never educated women about their Islamic duties sit mighty on their thrones while mothers and sisters are being held as slaves and not queens. 


So she sat and days went and her children starved no one told her she has rights. No one helped and her demise was near soon. 

She bowed her head and prayed, she needed the income for her husband had left with out a trace. She bowed her head and asked for an answer. 
The mother of the ummah came to mind that if any one has shown women they have rights it was our Nabi S.A.W. Islam came to prove that woman can be leaders and motivators, we have the same obligation to Allah as man do and we are not powerless. If islam has taught women any thing it is that we are the queens.
She stood up and began to question the community who said she has no rights. When she was abused they said it was her fault. When she was raped they said rape in marriage doesn’t exist. When she was left they said a man should come along and take care of her. Like a Phoenix she rose up and said they were wrong because Islam is all she needs because Islam was the only religion amongst the Arabs that promoted women with such status, yet today we We see women as slaves and blame Western media when we are all at fault for assuming education is not important. 
To the community she told them to stop making Islam so backwards and stand up to protect the sisters and mothers of Islam for the history of Islam proved that women have a say in a mans world..


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  1. veryberry2 says:

    A bit heart breaking. . It is truly sad. . Yes our girls too need an education provided it is within Shariah rules. . Send them for aalimah lessons, cooking lessons, baking lessons, sewing lessons, even if want to study, preferable from home which is best for them ultimately. . Girls need to be educated as they are going to be the first teachers of their kids so they need knowledge as well. . But another point i want to make is that Allah Ta’ala is there. . The same Allah Ta’ala that took care of you while you were married is the same Allah Ta’ala that will take care of you after your husband passes away. You just have to turn to Him with faith. . Never ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah Ta’ala as well. .

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  2. UmmeLuqman says:

    As salaam Alaikum I have been reading your posts and found them very inspirational keep up the good work MashAllah


    1. mumtazsm says:

      Wslm jazkallha khair for reading. Some posts are by other pages, which I simply found I had to share.


    2. mumtazsm says:

      Maaf I replied to the wrong msgs 🙈


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