From paw patrol to really cute gowns. The stores that keeps the best deals on kids pajamas. 

So I was hunting for affordable winter PJS for kids this year, the same old boring items were seen in stores. So here I am with the best finds. 
Cotton on has amazing sets for boys and girls. The quality is exceptionally amazing pricing each set at R200 so it may last more than a year. 

There gown’s this year are cute and sassy for both boys and girls, if you splurge on them you won’t be sorry as the fabric is soft and cuddly. 

 MR Price and Ackerman this year is full on paw patrol  amongst other characters for boys. While, girls have such a variety to choose from. Price range starts at both stores from R69.95 only issue is not all the stores carry the full ranges so find a good one near you or shop online. Also they have a wide range of onesies as well from R169.99 

( above is from Mr Price) 

Sleepy sleep wear available from most agents have a good range, if you are like all other Bargain hunters the recent fete is the only reason you have endured the long lines for the two for one sale. 

(Above is from Ackerman) 

Have you seen any good deals on PJ recently comment and let us know where. If you sell pjs you are more then welcome to add your details under comments. 

Above is from Mr Price 


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