To all the women out there. By Mumtaz Moosa Saley 

To all women out there. By Mumtaz Moosa Saley 
We have come to a point in civilisation where it is easier to break each other down rather than build each other up. I was horrified in recent weeks when social media had exploded with women defaming each other and breaking ties based on idealism. 
How can we keep wondering why the ummah can’t unite, when we as women judge and find faults with each other? Our morals are disintegrating morals as days go by.
We sit every morning sharpening our forks and getting ready for battle. W have stopped being women who understand that we all have faults and we are all different, we have stopped believing we are the queens Islam has made us into. 
Islam has given us the status of queens and we are the held in such high regard yet we judge and defame each other publicly and we take advice as personal attack. We have broken each other down so many times, yet we ask why can’t the ummah unite. 
Dear women, if you knew the power you hold, your status you have been granted you will fix each other’s crowns daily, for women have the ability to raise generations with morals and deen yet we show our children how to lie, steal and defame on a daily basis. 
Dear women, rise up and help each other. Life is not perfect, we all make mistakes and we need to understand that if Allah can forgive who are we to hold a grudge, if Allah is thejudge who are we to point fingers. 
Women, rise up. help build stronger women out there by educating each other and striving for greatness for your are the queens that can unite a ummah.


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