The art of being  on time. 

Watch repairs and service now easier than ever! Almost any make of watch, timepiece can be repaired or serviced by professional watchmakers. We’re the third generation of watchmakers in a business that’s been that’s been in the watch and jewellery industry since 1919. Grandad was somewhat of a master craftsman, who repaired watches at a time when most watches were handmade and each individual part had to be imported, or even carefully fabricated, when parts were no longer available. 
Besides watchmaking skills, there’s a passion and appreciation for the quality timepieces that has been passed on from grandad to two generations who have continued working in a business and an industry we love. 
Today, the majority of watches are made in factories, and repairs mainly involved replacing parts, but our technicians are trained in old fashioned “watchmaking” which allows us to repair and service even the oldest, most sought after timepieces in the world.

( I have grown up in an out of uncle Cajee shop and i have never come across any one with such passion and love for what he does. May Almighty grant him many more years doing what he loves the most) 

Call: 011 764 1593 


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