A thousand memories to a perfect day. 


Every photo taken on special occasions should tell a story, the photos should also capture the true emotions that will tell a tale for generations to come.  
magical moments we keen to capture should be captured by some one who has heart and passion after all photography is an art on its on that requires years of practice and the art of dedication. It’s not the happy moments but the moments that has an impact on us as beings that count 
MS photography has an impressive profile that makes the company the most sought after company in SA, based in Mpumalanga they travel to Johannesburg and other parts as well. They pride them self in affordability to ensure every special moment is captured with a story of a thousand emotions. 
So if you having a function and need some one reliable and affordable contact them today. 
Take note that there are wedding specials now on for the month of April. 
For more information, contact Marilie on 081 596 9372 or email mariliesnyman@telkomsa.net


Website address is https://mariliesnyman.wixsite.com/msphotography  



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