Autumn must have fashion items. 

Autumn/ winter clothing has hit stores a few months back already so I have decided to add a few loved items I feel every one should own this fall.  For me comfort is key, I really don’t see the logic in being uncomfortable all day long. So here are my must buy items  this year. 

VELENTINO perfumes is a must for every lady. The scent is sweet yet refreshing and perfect for every special occasion, after all you want to leave a lasting impression. 

Chunks jerseys with detail is always an essential item to simply look fabulous. The above one is available at stores at the moment from forever new. So dazzle even when it’s cold. I love this casual comfy look on the chilly autumn nights. Another trend I really adore is the jersey blankets especially from Woolworths as finally they have added a zip so all mums can be ultra stunning. 

Autumn/ winter is all about warm shades to create the natural look BYS COSMETICS  has an affordable nude range to blend in with every outfit. What I love the most is that it long lasting wear, ensuring it stays where it has to be. 

Oh and let’s not forget that our eyes are our most valuable asset so keep them shielded against the harsh UV ray this fall. 

You can never go wrong with a good pair on ankle boots to complement any outfit. The ranges in store are amazing and there is a fit for every one out there. The above boot is from forever new. They super comfy especially for people like me who rarely wear heels. 
As a person that always has a million things to do I tend to go safe routes when it comes to fashion. These items above come highly recommended as they no hassle no fuss items to looking ravish. Please I would like to hear what are your must have items this season 
Forever new South Africa:

Photo taken from the page. 

BYS cosmetics: 

Photo is my personal photo. 


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