Knowledge is key, the inspiration we all have been craving for. 

One of the fundamentals of Islam is the seeking of knowledge. Throughout history we have been constantly reminded that our duty is to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. We see this with the story of Luqmaan A.S when many scholars had said that his story highlights the importance of knowledge. 
Moving into an age where information is at your fingertips we have no excuses. With that, many temptations arise and before we know it we are selling our Imaan for this world, without even realising it. The scary reality that has been the centre of this new age is, how many times we have sold our Imaan? 
We have hours to mindlessly spend on social media, but we are the same people that complain that we have no time. Have you asked yourself, “When last have you learnt something new? “
We all have those dreaded hours we have in the car when going to and from places. Recently, I have learnt that this is the best place to start for both the kids and I. One is amazed at just how much a child can learn from listening to something on repeat. After all, the Nabi of Allah (may peace be upon him) had learnt that way. However, I could not possibly buy a cd and listen to the same things over and over, so my search had been an uphill battle for years. Recently, however, I found all the Islamic lectures and motivations I would need on one website. The Muslim Central website is exactly what we need in this day and age to keep our deen in check. The website is user friendly and very simple to use. The key feature that stands out for me is the fact that you are able to download the lectures and stream so it gives you the option of both. 
The Muslim Central has everything you are looking for from Islamic videos to articles that will uplift you and give you the spiritual boost you need. I found the website very helpful to allow me to grow as a person and help uplift my child’s love for Islam. Available also for Android and Istore. 
Fellow readers, this is the website we had been searching for. Learn something new this week on your way to work, while cooking and on the go. No time for excuses!
For more information visit this amazing site on


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