My TIME WAS UP by Arabiyah Hassan

My time was up by Arabiyah Hassan

Ibrahim Ali was heading for his next class, when he purposely bumped into Mariam in the corridor; the two of them apologized to each other without looking at each other. He didn’t know why, but ever since he got back from his “vacation” she had been shy around him all the time and he couldn’t tell whether she liked him, but that doubt was erased when she presented him with a friendship band, he told her it was cute and she smiled her beautiful smile as always.

That day seemed like so many forever’s ago thinking about it now. The school bell pulled him out of his reverie; he sighed and made his way to his next class, unfortunately, with Akeel and Oman his idiot friends. Damn! He’d forgotten about the exam today, and he didn’t even study in all the time that he had had. Damn! He said as he rushed to get there early, only to find they’d already started with it, he scanned around him as he got to his seat. Nothing felt right about today, everything was just wrong and this wasn’t the first time, in fact this had been going on from the time his ‘vacation’ had started.

He had sensed something following him; the room would feel so bright like there are a thousand stars like the ones you see in the night sky. It felt like he was being suffocated and the heat he felt was at times unbearable. The smell around him so putrid, it’s like it wanted to take him away whatever this thing was. What does it want? Why him? Can’t it leave him alone? He tried telling his sister but she only laughed at him. He looked down at his paper. He thought about the fight he had with his father about a message that his dad had found on his phone from his idiot friend Oman about clubbing over the weekend.

Ibrahim sighed disappointed for he remembered screaming at his dad that he wanted to go. This was a geography exam, easy for him pass, .He picked up his pen and started to answer the test but he suddenly felt anxious because he couldn’t remember the answers and before he knew it his time was up. Something felt wrong in his gut as Ibrahim rushed forward in the hallway to get to the front main gate of the school ground, he felt feverish and could not maintain his balance as his foot slipped on his way down the stairs.  


He fell forward, face planted in the grass; he rolled to his side gripping his stomach. His whole body ached as he struggled to sit up, the ‘wrong’ feeling he had seemed to be…eating him from the inside and he struggled to open his mouth to call for help from someone, he looked around him in desperation, he could not see his friends anywhere as he was all alone.’ No it can’t be…not here not now, no way!” His face became pale and his eyes started to blur his vision, his mouth became dry and he started to make out a dark figure standing before him in his pathetic state. Weirdly he felt an instant connection to this…man, as Ibrahim sat up he strained his vision to see the man more clearly, ‘Ibrahim …,’the man echoed, ‘your time has come to an end in this world ,it is your time to answer in the next one for your judgment to be decided”.

What is he saying? The mans voice echoed in the blackness like an endless moan. he couldn’t make out a word he’d said except for judgment, ‘your time has come to an end, your time has come to an end.” In that moment Ibrahim realized that this was actually the end for him and that he would not be able to apologize to his dad, will never be able to be a good Muslim in the hereafter. He thought of Mariam and his friends, all the time he wasted going after his desires and not once preparing for this last and final test. ‘please don’t take me away, there is so much I have to do in this world,’with tears rolling down his cheeks he begged and pleaded with the angel of death to give him more time. ‘You humans are all here on this earth on borrowed time’ said the angel and he outstretched his hand in a gesture to bring him to his feet. 

Ibrahim took his hand and stood up, feeling none of the pain he’d felt moments before, then suddenly the man stuck his hand in Ibrahim’s chest, he felt his ribs part, the pain so excruciating and he screamed as the angel pulled his soul out. All of a sudden he felt something grabbing at his leg, instinctively he started kicking and screaming trying to get away from the angel of death, he opened his eyes to find his sister tugging on his leg waking him up for school.He felt his heart race so fast, thankful that he got to live another day. He vowed there and then to be a better brother, son, friend, and Muslim.  

Now, dear readers listen closely to the silence around you and think what if this had been you and you had never made amends with anyone before going to bed that night, when you’ve not prepared for this test, or are you that sure you are prepared for the final test?What would you do when your time runs out?




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