Does red flannel vests work? 

Ever since I was a kid the red flannel vest had become apart of a household wardrobe we would take out every winter.As I grew up I wondered if there was any sense to this whole red flannel vest saga or was it another waste of time?Old wives tales are not always true.

A few years ago,in autumn,my son suffered with the flu virus.I tried everything possible,eventually I called a friend and asked what should I do? Especially since I do not believe in giving children antibiotics. I was out of options and she suggested the trustful red flannel vests. Optimistic about the real benefits my desperation had exceeded my doubts.

So these unflattering looking vests holds pockets which is an upgrade from when I was a kid,the pockets are handy for breathing kits to be put in and the vests retain body heat.My efforts led me to discover that this old wives tale is one that we should keep around as it works wonders without the tears( if you have never tried to put nasal spray into a toddler you would never understand).

The nice thing about it is that if you buy a good quality one it will last until your child outgrows them. 
So don’t delay and wait for that last minute desperation and get your red flannel vests today.
Prices I found are as follows: 

NEW BORN, 3-6 months, 6-12 months & 1-2 YRS @ R60

2-4 YRS @ R70

(with small pockets inside)
5-6 YRS @ R80 

7-8 YRS @ R95 

9 -10 YRS @ R 100 

11-12, 13-15 YRS @ R120

Adult (S,M,L,XL) @ R180

Contact Fatima on 072 655 9225 


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