from menarche to  wedding night, every milestone should be a special one. 

For many, having discussions with our daughters involving major life transitions and milestones is one we dread. We are at  a loss of words, it’s just broaching the subject that gets us in a tizz.

 The cycle of life begins at the tender age of 12 in a girl’s life, with the onset of menstruation. Whilst this occasion may be messy, scary and even alarming, there are ways to make every milestone special and a little more comforting. 

Miss Bliss Pty (Ltd) has taken the opportunity to do just that! They have come to the rescue of every woman out there by developing kits that enable you to easily deal with each of these major life transitions.

The two dynamic female directors of this company have put their heads together to create kits that assist from menarche to the first night and all the way through to maternity. These packs ensure that mall hunting in eliminated giving mum and friends more time to prepare for other aspects of life. Each of these packs are filled with essentials and love to ensure that the most embarrassing moments of a women’s or girls life is taken care of.

For the preteens, they have launched the Miss Bliss First Flo kit designed for those encountering their menstruation for the first time. This kit contains all that is needed for teenagers to be adequately prepared for their first flow. This kit includes:

• A period tracker with a Miss Bliss pen,

• A microwaveable bean bag for tummy aches,

• A variety of pads to enable them to decide on the most comfortable fit,

• An emergency tin holder to store the pad in without distorting its’ shape,

• Panty Liners

• Miss Bliss waterless hand sanitiser

• Hygienic Sanitary disposable bags

• An informative booklet highlighting the basics of menstruation.

• A Miss Bliss cosmetic bag to store all essential toiletries.

All this for an introductory promotional price of just R400 while stocks last! (Normal Price R450)


The second kit launched is the Miss Bliss Wedding Night Essentials Kit- The perfect gift for your Bestie or even for you! This sought-after-kit was designed with the bashful bride in mind to incorporate many little essentials that the couple would need on that night.

This fun kit includes (Premium Kit):

Energy Sweets, Durex lubrication 60mls, 4 durex condoms, Intimate wipes, Chewing gum, Safety Pins, Hairpin container, Waterless hand sanitiser, Candles, Antacid, Enervite tabs, Pain Killers, Zam Buk, Lip Balm, Tissues, Plasters. All these are personalised cute and quirky labels and quotes. The Muslimah will truly appreciate the Duaas and etiquette for the first night as an optional extra.

Price ranging from R350 upwards depending on clients presence. 

This all can be stored in the convenient Miss Bliss cosmetic bag.

Miss Bliss is on the brink of launching the Businessman’s travel essentials as well as the most requested kit to date-The Mum’s Maternity Hospital bag.

So call them today and allow them to make your life simply simple with a Miss Bliss box.
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