Contouring for dummies


Honestly I just got the hang of basic make up and that gave me bragging rights until someone said to me in a very la dee dah way that they contour. Trying to act cool I responded by saying “duh well who doesn’t?”

That moment I googled and watched every possible video out there on contouring. First I must add that if you are like me and have no idea what the hell the sponge does or how to blend this is for you to read. 


First attempt I looked like I had three different lighting above me with different shadows.

“I can do this.” I told myself.

Second time well I looked like a paint pallet.

I honestly didn’t get it and gave up hoping the phase will pass soon. Well It didn’t because here I am wanting to kill someone until I found a cheat way of achieving all the looks with none of the skills.


So you have seen all the contouring videos and watched all the Instagram ones as well. January is ending and pay day has finally arrived so there two items I have to say is on my 2017 list.

I have to add that I have no idea how to contour, when Zaakirah introduced me to the BYS kits it made life easier as every section of the kit had an illustration as to where it should be applied and with this I have perfected the art of contouring.

So if you have no idea how to blend in all the shades this is a must try for you.


this amazing brand of makeup I found that comes with the all the instructions you need, like pictures with use A with figure one kind of thing. Eventually I got it perfect and I was raving about how BYS saved my day.

Murphy ’s Law someone commented on my photo that lipstick is out and lip tar is in. (someone shoot me now please)


So now researching lip tar. If you do not know what lip tar is, it’s a lipstick that is applied like a gloss with a small lip brush to give that “at least I have make up” effect we all desire.

So I call on Zaakirah who stocks these amazing lip tar products and the contour kits I have just spoken about.


I am not breaking the bank on new products so I do always opt for the BYS range and Zaakirah than explains how lip tar is better and the feel on the lips is silkier as well. 

Zaakirah from BYS cosmetics kept suggesting that the new lip tar is a must. Ok first I had no clue what lip tar is and I agreed. Lip tar is a mixture between lipstick and a lip gloss and a mini lip brush is given as well for easy application that is flawless. Best part is the price it marketed at R100 and there is a variety of shades available.

For more info please contact Zaakirah Mahomed Lambat, 0845556432

Fb: Zaakirah Mahomed Lambat

What’s app 0845556432
My new brand I adore, the picture below is the basics that every women and teen needs in their life. 


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  1. Imty says:

    Great article. I enjoyed this. Well done.

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