Let 2017 be a healthier you. 

Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, low blood pressure…
Life wasn’t meant to be like this.
We were meant to live healthy, energetic lives – to wake up each morning, filled with enthusiasm for the day ahead.
*But* – with today’s demands we tend to skip meals, eating anything and everything on the go, we don’t have enough time to exercise and end up neglecting our health. 
The good news is – “I am a mum on the Run”is here to help you turn your health and life around. 
We will teach you how to eat correctly in spite of your hectic work life, without counting calories and weighing food 
We will give you a full *FREE* report which tells you:
– Your body mass index

– Your body fat and body water percentages 

– Your muscle mass & physique rating

– Your resting metabolic rate

– Your skeletal weight (No blaming big bones!)

– Your visceral fat reading (the dangerous fat that brings on diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart conditions)

– Your metabolic age (Yikes! You could be 35 and have the metabolism of a 50 year old!)
But that’s just the beginning. After sharing the above with you; we’ll guide you towards achieving the healthiest you and living your life to its fullest.

Book your free assessment with *Mums on the Run* now by calling 0824499082 or emailing fatima.kola@worldonline.co.za
And don’t forget to like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com I am a fit mum on the run for awesome tips and motivation to rediscover yourself.


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