For the love of shoes!


The addiction for shoes starts off I assume when every little girl tries on her mums shoes while pacing and gracefully falling. In that precise moment is when the addiction to shoes begins.

I am one of those ladies who enjoy shopping on sales, yes shoes on sales means if you plan it well you can get three brand new pairs for the price of one. Like many my collection is made up of shoes I wear every day, shoes I like and hope to wear one day and lastly I have no idea why I bought this but they are so adorable.

For me January means shoe sales. So after spoiling myself I came home and in horror my shoe cupboard could not handle more of my addiction.  

Yes I am dramatic and this was a disaster, looking at the packets and looking at the shoe cupboard the shelves were hanging on for dear life. I began to cry and just than the beep on my phone had saved my day.

I found the perfect solution for all my needs a readymade stylish mirrored cupboard that would not only go with my bedroom furniture so tell your other half that this is the ultimate gift you would like and the both of you can assemble the unit with love.


With that Fatima had become my saviour, so allow her to sort out your shoe cupboard today her prices start from R1450 and she has a range of shades and sizes to go with your décor. Price includes all delivery in South Africa.


And if I have to mention Fatima keeps a list of other products so best to keep her on speed dial. Here is a list of what she keeps, to mention a few:
shoe cabinets. massage beds. 

red flannel vests. 


Kids tablets.


shoe cabinets. massage beds. red flannel vests. timeshares.

Goose down duvets and much more.


For more info call Fatima on:


You can mail her on



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