Extra murals for kids with special needs. 

 Many mums with special needs children know for a fact that there just simply is not enough activities or programmes designed for kids with special needs. So my quest ventured into finding extra murals for special need kids had began. 
As we know most children with special needs are already going to a variety of therapies week after week. Adding Taekwondo to a child’s existing programme can help them into reaching their goals and milestones faster. Taekwondo promotes concentration, core strength, and helps with anxiety and self-confidence amongst many other things . Children get to interact with other kids in class promoting a healthy safe environment as mum watches in amazement. 
Taekwondo can only be done in one place in jhb at Andre’s Taekwondo Academy In Norwood and they offer Special Needs classes run by Marissa Katz, who is a Senior Instructor as well as a Remedial Therapist. There are also Ladies Only Classes, ATA Tiges 3-6yrs, Moms and Tigers, Karate for Kids 7-12yrs, Adult classes 13yrs and up and Family classes.
The owner Mr Andre van Tonder, who is the Chief Instructor as well, has so much patience with the kids and adults providing each person who walks in with a new passion.
So why not get the whole family to try out something new this year and join it for competitive rates and amazing classes for all kids and adults. 

For more information call Andre 

076 579 6866


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