Weddings and all the drama. 

Weddings and all their Drama 
So the Samoosa run, as one would say is over, and you have found the one you would want to spend the rest of your life with. 

The engagement date has come and gone and now the dramatic wedding date has been set. 

The rush is on and, personally, I know first-hand the nightmares that are involved in planning and executing the perfect wedding within a budget. The nightmare where everyone has a say and no one wants to help.

If i could recommend one service provider, I would recommend AZ event management to take care of all your needs, to ensure that the smallest of details like a simple thank you card, is done with perfection and love. 

AZ event management takes pleasure in designing and planning your perfect day to ensure that even the fussiest of aunties are served up the most delectable meal of their lives. 

So why waste time in worrying about how many candles you need and where will you find them? I suggest you call them today. 

Personally for me, when I got married a life time go they went out of their way to make my life easier, they took care of everything for me. All I did was show up as the belle of the ball to my wedding reception. 

Looking at their most recent work, i have to compliment their personalised flower arrangements and how they understand that the small details of a function are what makes the whole function memorable. So if you planning any function, not just a wedding, and need someone for decor or catering give them a call for the most amazing experience under the African sky.


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