Geza and the bee, the launch of a new children’s book aimed at saving the Rhino. 

 Portion of proceeds go to #savetherhino
Geza & the Bee

A children’s book inspired by the current crisis surrounding the world’s rhinos and bees. It is up to each one of us to ensure that we are not responsible for their disappearance from earth. 
Geza & the Bee is a tale about the inter connectivity of life to inspire every child to love & respect nature. Geza, a baby rhino learns about the impact of his actions on the cycle of life as he tries to kill a bee. The story is shared in a light and humorous manner, with delightful insights on the life of a bee. Suitable for 2-9 year olds. 
“I thought of using the Rhino and a Bee as characters to teach children the importance of every life form on earth, as they are both endangered species. It is my hope that these children will be able to secure the earth’s future.” – Author

Why Geza the Rhino? Why a Bee?

Dedicated to the real life Rhino, Geza, who was callously mutilated & left alive with his horn and part of his face hacked off with pangas. Dr William Fowlds, a brave vetenarian recorded Geza’s ordeal with the intention that 
  .. the account of this one rhino’s tragic end will reach into the conscience and hearts of all men.  

My contribution to a sustainable future is the book Geza & the Bee – a tale about a rhino trying to kill a bee and then discovering that the whole world belongs to him!
Educating our children is the key. Stories are a tool. Each one of us needs to play our part.
Percentage of the proceeds go to Rhino preservation.

Where to get the book.

The book retails for R120. It’s currently available directly from   Dharmisha Get an autographed copy n free delivery within Gauteng, R15 more to KZN n CT
It will be on and in the next two weeks. It will also be stocked at bridge books in jhb


Dharmisha Cvetkovic is a South African Indian on a quest to understand life, the universe and everything. She has a Bachelor of Economic Science degree & recently left a successful career as a Management Consultant to pursue her passion for writing. Her startup, Conscious Kids, made it to the finals of Regenysis Entrepreneur 1000, which had over 2000 entries in August 2016. Her vision is to bring out the best in children through education in mindfulness. “If we can teach children to think beyond the five senses, we can raise a generation of leaders that will be able to sustain the future” – Author.
Dharmisha also volunteers for one of the worlds largest NGOs, the Art of Living, in executive capacity as the Country Coordinator. She is an internationally trained facilitator of the Happiness Program, Youth Empowerment Seminar & the Know Your Child workshop. These self development programs use breath work, yoga, meditation & mindfulness to transform individuals to transform society. 
Dharmisha is the author & illustrator of both her children’s books – Who am I, and just released Geza & the Bee. 
A woman of many talents, it is hard to put this lady into a box. More at

How can you help?

Share the good news about this local author working to inspire children & preserve wildlife through story telling. This exciting release is in time for a gift that will give a present to ensure the presence of our wildlife for all time.
Contact the Author:



T: @dharmishacvet
  Proceeds go to Dance To Be Wild

Dance To Be Wild (DTBW) is an initiative by leading South African and International Ballroom and Latin American Dancers with one of its aims to contribute effectively to the fight against the indiscriminate killing of our rhino population through dance. DTBW also seeks to empower South African children to take ownership of their wildlife heritage through educational and dance programmes.
Through the Youth Ambassador programme, they are committed to nurturing and embracing the Leaders of tomorrow. South African children need to be introduced to the majesty of their natural and wildlife heritage. It, therefore, remains the commitment of DTBW to host children from their development programmes at our wonderful game parks and reserves.
Educating the coming leaders is vital to sustain the planet. The combination of literature and dance is perfectly aligned for this project. 
“Life is a fact, living is an art” ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, Art of Living Foundation .


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  1. Alfonzowords says:

    se manifique! love that this promotes reading and books!


    1. mumtazsm says:

      In a world with technology we have to encourage children to read

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