Make up brushes and the 411 every women should know. 

What artist doesn’t need a brush? A master piece is created by the stroke and blending of every shade and the proof is eminent in every stroke. When you ask any make up artist what is the best investment in make up the answer would be Make up brushes. 

I am by no way saying that the brushes will make you look like some thing that popped out of  magazine, no but applying make up with a brush will result in a big noticeable difference.  so ladies it is time to up-skill yourself and graduate from the eye shadow wands that have been included in the eye shadow and act like “you have got this.” I am one of those who would never know my blush brush from my foundation brush and like many i had tried google and was left looking like i forgot to put on my contact lens. 

I was gifted all the brushes from BYS makeup and with that I had no idea where to begin.for so many years I never needed a makeup brush why start now? 

So while thinking pointless gift i had been sent by one of the agents what brush is for where and I found that using makeup brushes not only leave you looking put together but it also helps on usage of your make up, with that said you end up using much less than one would have in the past. AGAIN ANOTHER REASON TO INVEST IN GOOD MAKE UP BRUSHES. 

When I say invest I do not mean spend a ton, what I mean is that you should invest in good quality affordable brushes. There is no need to break the bank at all as BYS offers affordable good Quality makeup brushes.

With a million different makeup brushes around every women who is like me will be left baffled and with that said  here are some tips and tricks to know your wing liner brush from your eyeliner. Details and the prices on Brush are included and the details on where to get them can be found at the bottom. 

Angled liner brush 




The Angled Liner Brush has a thin angled and firm head which creates precise lining across the upper and lower lash lines using a gel, cream or powder liners. R39.90


The concealer Brush





The Concealer Brush is a small slightly tapered, flat brush to conceal small and hard areas to reach, such as the nose and eyes. R39.90


The contoured Eye shadow  Brush 

The Contoured Eye shadow Brush has smaller and shorter bristles, perfect for smoothing out specific areas and contouring blended colors, especially around the corners of the eyes and on the eyelid themselves. R51.90


Eye Shadow smudge Brush


The Eye shadow Smudge Brush is used to smudge eyeliner. A smokey eye essential, it deposits color along the lash line and diffuses and softens eyeliner. R39.90


The foundation Brush 

The Foundation Brush is used for applying foundation evenly for a flawless coverage. The brush also helps the makeup stick more firmly onto the skin.R99.90


The Island Bronze Brush 

With the Island Bronze Brush, apply, buff and blend your way to a perfect bronzed look. Sweep the brush over the bronzer powder and buff in circular motions onto cheekbones, forehead, the bridge of the nose and the décolletage. R109.90

The large Powder Brush 

The Large Powder Brush features a large round fluffy brush head used for a diffused applications of powder products all over the face. This multi-functional brush is perfect for seamless blending and finishing your makeup. R89.90


The oval Brush set 

which is perfect for contouring and making your makeup look picture perfect is the easiest tool you can use and the brush set which set the makeup market on fire was introduced by all the big brands at a price tag needed to sell ones hair. These are available as well from as little as R250 please note they are NOT part of the BYS range but can be bought through some of the agents in your area. 

So here is the 411 on make up brushes that has revolutionized my make up box.

More info  contact or what app 

Zaakirah  on 084 555 6432  based in lenz

for an Agent or stockist near you contact

BYS Cosmetics SA



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